If I have a family member who is in need of services, who do I need to contact and how can I find out about the services that are available?

Here is the link to the South Carolina Department of Disabilities Special Needs website which gives the information regarding screening and who to call and the process etc. You can also contact Dawn Johnson, Executive Director of Florence County Disabilities & Special Needs Board at (843) 667-5007 ext 335 for referrals in Florence County. You may also find out more information at the Florence County Disabilities & Special Needs Board website.


What is the earliest age that an individual can qualify for the services provided by Florence County Disabilities & Special Needs Board?

Early Intervention is provided to children 0-3 years of age and referral for EI services go through Babynet/First Steps. The contact information is also located here.

If my business or corporation would like to become a sponsor, is the annual Celebrity BBQ the only event or are there other events that need sponsors?

No. We also need sponsors for the “Making a Difference at Christmas” project to provide Christmas gifts to needy children and adults. An informative brochure will be made available under the “Calendar of Events” tab on the website. In addition, we hold “The Stars Are Out” talent show in the spring. This is an event that allows individuals in the program to display their artistic abilities. This event has been sponsored in the past as well as requiring many individual volunteers to make it happen.